Month: February 2017

Jesus, the way truth and the life.

I am terrible at updating on WordPress. I apologize to everyone for the very inconsistent amount of updates I post. Most of the time, I’m just going through my schedule and only when I sense something strongly in my heart, then I want to share, but then I forget, and move on with life. A lot of times when I do share, it’s new things I’ve discovered about God and my relationship with Him. I love sharing it because it truly is an outpouring of my heart onto these pages, an expression of my love for Him and telling others about it. This is, in a non-direct way for me to share the gospel. I guess that’s how the gospel is shared anyway – when a person has such a deep love for God and desires to share this truth with others. It’s purely being relational and desire for others to know about this wonderful and amazing relationship that we are so honored to have with a God that came down to earth to humbly live as a human and die on the cross to be that sacrifice and expression of ultimate love for us. Amazing! Sometimes, we hear it so often that we’re desensitized to the phrase “he came down from heaven and died on the cross for our sins…blah blah blah” and it’s almost as if we don’t even realize how profound that is anymore.

Last week I finished reading the book – Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Q. Literally, after reading, my eyes were WIDE open, heart pounding, “Jesus is the only way, truth and the life!” He became so real to me. He already is, but it was a good reminder. I started praying and declaring in my quiet times – “Jesus you are the only way! There can’t be any other way! This is amazing! You became the turning point that makes the gospel purposeful.” Without the death and resurrection of Jesus, our gospel wouldn’t be the powerful gospel it is today. So many religions believe in God but they don’t believe that Jesus is the way, BUT the reality is that He IS the truth and the way and the life. Nabeel shared his story so objectively giving factual evidence for both the Islamic and the Christian faith. By the end of the book, I became more solidified in my own walk with God.

Jesus is good. He is everything. That is all.