From Houston to New Jersey.


A lot of things going on in my heart. I had been thinking about what or how to write this entry for a while now but hadn’t felt the time was right nor knew exactly how to put into words what I was feeling – and I probably still don’t.

I’ll be leaving Houston November 7th after 4 months of being here to settle in New Jersey starting a new position with Agape House Church and Passion Quotient (PQ) coaching and mentoring company with Kung Li, affectionately known as Coach K. He’s an amazing life/passion coach that has a real ability to influence and encourage people of all ages to go after their passion in life. Just one conversation with him makes you feel so empowered.

I will be working for him by teaching/ministering and leading a small youth group of about 10-15 teenagers and hopefully start a young adult small group in the middle of the week. The other times will involve learning more about his company and being an advisor like him and marketing for his company by going to universities in the East Coast with YWAM New Jersey staff to put together events. Coach K works closely with YWAM New Jersey and one of the reasons why this opportunity was so attractive was because I had wanted to continue partnering with YWAM after being a part of YWAM Taipei for close to a year just before this. This organization is close to my heart. I will be finishing off my first year in NJ by taking a group of middle school and high schoolers into the mission field for about 2 weeks.

This position is part-time paid and the other half would function as a missionary in which I will still need to raise funding. Thankfully, as a missionary for the past year sent out from my parent’s church in Chile, they will continue to fund me monthly as long as I go back to Chile once a year to update the church on what I’m doing and encourage the members.

Well, T-5 days before I travel to NJ! I’m excited, nervous, anxious, etc for my move there but deep down, I know this is the direction God has called me to go. I’m going to miss being in Houston with my sisters but I’ve come to know that when God calls you to something, you do it. He will bless our obedience. This road walking with God isn’t always the comfortable route, but it’s the best option. When I finally found God 13 years ago, all I knew was that he was a God that answered my prayers and blessed me. As I’ve matured spiritually, I now know that it’s not just waiting to be blessed but partnering with Him in how he wants to use me to further His kingdom of love, grace, mercy, hope to those that need it. In partnering with Him, He blesses me more than I could ever know and I’m able to witness the favor of God on my life. After all, he is a GOOD GOOD Father.

Prayer requests: 

  1. For the past few months, I’ve struggled with emotional peace – mentally, physically, spiritually. Please pray for me to fully recognize and rest in His peace.
  2. More consistent sleep at night (which probably is related to point 1 – more peace each day means better sleep)
  3. Strong loving and supportive community in NJ – that I would quickly not feel lonely as I settle in a new environment and grow in a new community.
  4. That I would do well in this new position and grow in my confidence as a leader, rather than just a “student” as I was the past year studying in YWAM Taipei.



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