Month: August 2016



Transitions are always intimidating yet exciting, anticipating what God has next. I really sense a shift in seasons for many people in the body of Christ and SO excited for what is to come! Although, there will be days where I have no idea how to do the job but I know Holy Spirit will lead me into the purpose and calling that he has prepared for me even before I was in my mother’s womb!

They call it a convergence point when what you do is what God has been preparing you to do for years; God is interested in the process and building character so it can take years before you start walking out the thing that God has been preparing you for but when that time comes, God will give back everything that was lost and will pour out blessings big time, all it takes is our willingness to partner with Him and humbling ourselves to whatever he wants to do through us. Being an open, willing vessel for Him to move and flow through.