Back in Texas. The land of cowboys, blue bell ice cream, and “yall”.

In actuality, I rarely see cowboys in Houston, at least where I live, but I do have 2 buckets of blue bell ice cream in my freezer (Rocky Road and Coffee), and Listeria is over for anyone that wants to tell me to stop eating Blue Bell. So stop telling me to stop eating Blue Bell! 🙂

Back in Texas, and have spent almost a month sitting at home restoring, and restoring turned into lack of motivation, then into boredom. I take boredom as a really good sign that I’m restoring well though because at least I have the motivation to get out and do fun things. The first 2 weeks, I didn’t want to meet with people nor did I care to leave the home. That was real emotional chaos because I love people. Today, I looked at the date and was shocked that it’s July 25. I got into Houston June 27. It has only been a month since I left Taiwan but it feels like a decade ago! It feels like FOREVER. I did get to see my friends, house church family, and just do life in Texas which is just simple, calm life. I don’t live in a room with 4 other girls, or a dorm with 25+ girls, nor am I digging through the Bible 40+ hours a week, but I did….

+ buy a bed, drawers, desk, hangers for my new room
+ enjoy lots of kale salads, chickfila, and blue bell,
+ basking in air conditioned carpeted home
+ see friends and family
+ go to a baby shower
+ go running around the neighborhood

One thing that has not changed is that I still drink tea daily. This is no surprise, because I love tea too much! Jesus has been REALLY good to me through this time. Within the month of July my family have been praying and fasting for my emotional recovery. I’m not only getting better emotionally, I don’t have insomnia anymore, AND my brain has healed tremendously! I incurred brain damage 8 years ago and in 1 month I’ve seen it restored almost 90%! The quickest healing I’ve ever seen! Praise Him, who is Healer! I know Jesus is going to heal it 100% soon. I really sense a shift in the season. I’m seeing Him slowly take me out of the wilderness and restoring me back to a place of freedom and opening new doors of opportunities that I could never have imagined. I can really resonate with the book of Job (although what I went through is not nearly as bad as what he went through), but I’m seeing Jesus restore everything I lost over the past 8 years. It’s a new season and it’s all happening in the year of Jubilee (based on the Jewish calendar). How fitting.

Some pics for your viewing pleasure.


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