My phone came back from the dead.

My phone died a few weeks back so I wasn’t able to upload any pics of the students, class room, and more fun things BUT my phone came back to life! It started working a few days after it died. I wonder if this was God showing me a 2016 example of Jesus death and resurrection haha. Ironically, we were on the book of Luke and learning about Jesus ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension. Maybe a God moment? đŸ™‚

These few weeks have been tough as I battled stress of school work, eating healthy, and personal issues. I didn’t get much sleep at all for two weeks and one night I lied in bed but slept only 2 hours. I felt a very real spiritual warfare going on. I felt like the enemy was trying to distract me from focusing on His word and I was going through a lot self-condemnation which is totally not from God. I hit a breaking point a few days ago and just burst into tears. It seemed like such a silly thing to be crying about but emotionally and mentally, it just felt so real and difficult for me. I received prayer and talked to some classmates and am feeling a lot better.

A few other classmates have gone through a lot of strange things as well. It’s during these times that we realize how real the spiritual realm is and the enemy will do anything to stop us from reading the ALIVE and ACTIVE word of God! BUT, we’re not giving up! Continuing to press through, persevere and see God do great things. Please continue to keep me and my classmates in your prayers that nothing would distract us from studying His word. 

My weekly ministry changed because they needed a Chinese speaker at this one. Now, I’m helping to translate a kids english class Wednesday afternoons. We bring in Bible stories and the gospel into English lessons so the children get acquainted with the Word.

This week we are on the book of Acts. It is a POWERFUL book. I’ll post insight on it later. In the mean time, here are some pics of the classroom, prayer room, meal/tea times with friends, and the one time we hiked up a nearby mountain.



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