SBS – The first 3 weeks

I have survived the first 3 weeks of SBS! For most people, they may not understand what this actually means so let me give you a brief description of what YWAM calls 3 Week Seminar. The idea is to help students ease into the steps that are necessary to complete homework for each book. There are a series of steps that is supposed to allow students to understand the main history behind each book of the Bible and then go into a closer look of the book by doing the inductive method Bible study. The first week, we looked at the book of Titus, a really small book, just so the staff could lead us through it step by step. We spent almost 2 days just going over the background and then spent a few more days learning what key words or phrases to look for and how to ask good questions. It was at first pretty overwhelming since it’s the first time I’ve ever learned how to study the Bible in this way. It blew my mind that we could study the book of Titus for 1 week, even though it’s only 3 chapters long and only takes up 2 pages in my Bible, and in 1 small book, we could pull out so much. I finally understand how Pastors are able to preach for so long and go so deep with just a few verses.

In the first 3 weeks, we have completed Titus, Galatians, Ephesians, and Mark. We start the book of Luke next week. We also start ministry and work duties next week. I will be doing ministry at the Veterans Hospital with Clare leading the way. The staff gave us a list of ministries and asked us to pick our top 3 and they did their best to give us what we wanted so I’m so glad that I ended up with this one because it was my top choice for the sole purpose of being able to minister with Clare. She’s a fiery woman of God that just goes right into praying for the sick and sharing the gospel. She’s known on the base as this fearless evangelist. I remember clearly when she shared with us on the topic of evangelism a few months back while I was still in DTS (Discipleship Training School). She said she was sick and had to be in the hospital for 1 year. During that year she brought 500 people to know Christ. So, you can imagine, to minister with her is an absolute honor. Excited to see how God will move through this ministry over the next 3 months.

God has also been revealing a lot of areas where I have had wrong thinking. As we were going through the book of Mark, we saw in many instances that Jesus’ desire is that all would be saved. In one story, he healed a paralytic man by saying “your sins are forgiven”. He could have just healed him physically which he did but the emphasis was the fact that he forgave the man’s sins. The lecturer last week said “A healing is an external sign of an inward reality”. God cares about our heart attitude more than the healing itself. I’m not saying that God won’t heal people or doesn’t do it but the main focus shouldn’t just be on healing alone especially if heart issues are not dealt with. Many already know but some still don’t know, but I experienced severe brain damage in my early 20’s and God’s been so amazing in healing a lot of it, but I still struggle in comprehension and conversation and it created a huge fear and anxiety towards many things. Throughout my 20’s, I had prayed for full healing and was not seeing it. Near the later years of my 20’s I started getting upset and wondered if He really was as good as He says He is. I didn’t think it was fair that so many people in the Bible got healed and I didn’t see it happen in me. God dealt with my pride and childish behavior in DTS and I got over a huge hump. Now I know without a doubt that God is good! But this past week, God started dealing with me again. With Him it’s always an ongoing process. He started showing me that he cares more about my heart issues. I used to pray for healing daily while ignoring the deeper issues internally. It really hit home for me this week and I’m planning on working it out with God, processing with another person so it’s not only with God but there’s another witness. I think it’s important to speak out areas we need forgiveness in with another person to bring to light anything hiding in the dark.

Finally, I had a ton of pics that I wanted to include but my phone recently died so I lost all the photos. I’ll be getting a new phone soon so I can include pics in the next post!

Prayer Requests:
1) Pray that God gives me peace in anxiety and fear
2) Pray for boldness to do what He’s called me to do
3) Pray for my physical health (eating healthy, drinking enough water, working out consistently)

Thanks for your support and prayer!


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